Carmelo Ángulo

The wine runs through my blood. I love all of my wines likewise, from Riojas, to the Valle del Duero or cavas. To me, they all are from the family

Alma Garcia

A year with moderate rain and a warm summer, without aggressive heat waves that enabled a slow and sustainable sprouting. The harvesting was done during the second week of October in the perfect stage of maturation.

David Gutiérrez

A nocturnal grape harvest, focused on preserving as much as possible the grapes’ aromatic precursors; the work in the wine cellar focused on revealing the full potential of those aromatic precursors, makes the current crops in 2017 offer wines in presence of straw yellow, with a fresh palate and enveloping the balance between acid and the alcohol strength. The aroma combines herbal and tropical flavours.

Antonio Olivé

A dry winter with mild temperatures and heavy rains during April favoured an excellent maturation. An exceptional harvest that produced fruity cavas with a great complexity and structure.

Jaime Boville Gª de Vinuesa
The Foodie:

There is no need to travel all around the world to experience a true “Eat.Pray. Love” by yourself. You just need to get a one way ticket to Duero Valley. Here, the sky is the limit.